Resolution Week: Number 4, The Great Clean Out

It seems that we all have a one-track mind right now, 
and that collective brain is saying one thing:


Is it a reaction to clearing away the cutter of the holidays,
 or maybe trying to find spots for all our newest treasures?
I'm not sure, but I have got the bug!

It always motivates me to finish a project once I post about it here,
 and so I have got a little proposal for you:

how about we all pick a space and clean it out?

It can be something a s simple as a junk drawer (I can't close mine these days!)
a closet, even a room if you are super-motivated!
I will post links to all your organization triumphs here in The Great Clean Out.

 If you have a blog, I am inviting you to send me a before and after pic by Friday January 21,
 and we will all post together on Monday January 24.
If you don't have a blog, but would like to join in, just send me a before and after pic
(amezeard@10rooms.ca) by Friday, Jan 21 and I will post it here for you..

I know we are all busy, but I hope that you will join us for a little pre-spring cleaning.
I've sent out a few invites already and have at least four fabulous bloggers
 lined up to share their organizing stories with you-
 I think we are all going to come out of this with some really great ideas for our homes!

source 1 2 3 4

source 1 2 3 4


So looking forward to seeing all of your spaces!
Several spots here need "the treatment" - my closet, the hall closet, my office -
I'm going to get started this weekend (the clear out phase), taking trips to the Salvation Army...
and trying my best not to bring anything home :)

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lululoves said...

That side table of books and a tray is genius!

kim said...

I definitely need some organization over here. Will be by to read up on all the suggestions. It sounds so fun!

Unknown said...

Great organizational pics, must crack on with mine!

Barbara Matson said...

I better get movin'. Just visited Value Village today to get rid of 3 boxes of stuff! Feels good!

Sarah said...

I need to do this!

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Oh I am so in!!! I love having a project like this to get me motivated!!! Thanks for visiting my blog... so glad I found yours!

Candice said...

Oh I want to join in. I hope I can get it together by then!


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