SCOOP! Sarah Richardson's New Project

Not sure if you've seen this yet..
found it last week, and tweeted, but was too busy dreaming of Palm Beach to post it then ;)

A sneak peek of Sarah Richardson's new project,
out in Georgetown, On... my hometown!
So funny, this is a new development, 
and we actually looked at buying a home on this street before relocating to Barrie.
(they were much more affordable then - 
although I suppose that Sarah touch is adding quite a lot of finishing value!)

I wonder if all the furniture is included..

Classic white kitchen. Note the detail on the glass doors and that gorgeous pendant over the island.

The living room is a bit drab for Sarah.
I would have loved to have seen some dramatic art or colorful flowers,
at the least.
The dining room does have an interesting wall treatment - grasscloth?
and I see a touch of blue (cool grey?) upholstery over there..

This room has much more interest - and color!
What a different feel.
I really like the pattern mix here, between carpet and textiles.
It's super-family friendly,
with a round-edged coffee table that can take some hard knocks and 
sturdy, stain-hiding upholstery.

This is beautiful.
What is better than sparkling white and carrera in the bathroom?
Those mirrors over the vanity have such a great shape,
don't they?

No pictures of the other rooms, but there is descriptions..
follow that link above to read them..

before I go, just wanted to say thank you for your really kind-hearted comments this morning.
I didn't plan to blog about it,
and it was just so lovely of you all to support me like that - thank you so much - x

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InteriorGroupie said...

Anne-Marie, I'm so excited to see this but the images don't seem to be working??

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Thanks sweetie! Fixed it, blogger doesn't like my cut and paste shortcuts :)

InteriorGroupie said...

great! I like the kitchen and bathroom the best (maybe I'm on a gray and white kick??). looks gorgeous, even from the outside. I'm sure there's a bit of an upsell having her involved! Great post.

Anonymous said...

I love that kitchen. it's blank slate waiting for the addition of colorful jars and confectionary concoctions.

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

I like aspects of the muted living/dining room. The DR rug picks up the stripes from the LR sofa and the grey walls pick up the grey in the sofa as well. The two rooms work well together and the long buffet that the tv is sitting on looks interesting too. Love the length of it.


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