Gowns, Baubles and Tables - It's a Lovefest!!

So this year BHLDN opened, 
and if you've not yet been entranced by their dreamy gowns,
you've got to experience it.

 We eloped to the Bahamas for our wedding, and we loved every single moment,
but if anything would have made me want a larger affair, this would have been it.

How is anyone supposed to resist the romantic appeal of these...

I mean, REALLY!

And if the frocks and frills aren't enough to tempt you, now they've expanded to include decor items.
um, staying away... staying away... sort of :)

The other day, when BHLDN sent me an email with a peek at their take on table themes,
I had pretty high expectations... and I wasn't disappointed.

Of the six presented, the Naturalist is my favourite,
with butterflies and flora frolicking amongst antique linens and moss, 
bits of glass and mirror lending a dash of sparkle.

It's such a romantic, timeless look.

I wonder which one will be your favourite?

These tables aren't just for weddings,
there are so many ideas here for your next soiree, right?

How about using those vintage, beribboned keys featured in the Naturalist as place cards...
the dove clips from the Oiseau collection would be stunning hung anywhere, all the time, as an installation...

Go ahead, have a peek,

let yourself get lost in the pretty  :)

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gloria @ A Little Paint said...

I want to have 10 more weddings. I should get a do over because BHLDN wasn't around 3 years ago. A time machine might be easier though.

Melissa @ Veranda Interiors said...

The prettiness in this post is insane!! I can't stop soaking it all up...oh to get married again (to the same fella) but with a different dress...one I really loved. *sigh)

The enchanted home said...

OMG I have died and gone to dress heaven! How gorgeous these are!! I must admit I don't know of the brand but am sooo happy to now, have already gone to visit and bookmark the site so when I have more time I can devour the whole enchilada becaues these kinds of feminine and old fashioned with a twist looks are right up my alley. Thank you, truly exquisite!!

elizabeth@themustardceiling said...

Gorgeous! All of the dresses and accessories are so ethereal, I wish they were around when I got married.

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

It's all so pretty and the title for this post is spot on, a lovefest indeed:-)

Julie @ Belle Maison said...

I love the images of the "naturalist" table setting!! That style is one of my faves and involves so much amazing creativity!! Thanks for sharing :)



navy and orange said...

I am dying over the cobalt blue scalloped dress. so perf!

xoxo navy & orange

Charlotte Beecham said...

I love your blog. your style and vibe are great. please check mine out http://www.clothesovercarbs.blogspot.com/

If you like it follow back! would appreciate the support!

Unknown said...

OMG! I need all of those dresses and shoes-especially the last cream pair with the feather. Reminds me of Carrie from SATC movie when she wears a bird on her head!

Abby M. Interiors said...

wow wow wow! so much beauty there!

Kellie Collis said...

How fabulous! Loving those gorgeous headpieces! Enjoy the lovely day, Kellie xx

Tobe | BIA said...

just so beautiful. every last bit of it. how do they do it?!?!?!


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