kantha quilt madness

I'm all for items that are repurposed and the proceeds of which go to a good cause. I'm also a big fan of one-of-a-kind. This is one of the reasons I've been trying to convince the mister that a kantha quilt, although begin technically "used" could live at the end of our bed as a throw. Kantha quilts are made from several layers of sari's, usually as a cottage industry by women who are not allowed to work, and so providing means to an income. There's heaps of them on ebay....

They are usually under a hundred dollars on ebay, which I think is very reasonable for all the work involved. SO, what's the madness? Urban Outfitters has begun offering these on their site for $279.00 !!!

What is up with that? I know these guys have to cover retail costs, but still, seems bit excessive, no? I know where I'll be shopping... x am

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Linda @ DesignInMyView said...

Anne Marie - Love these unique (truly one of a kind) quilts. I think in the case of linens used is better. :-)

I purchased my first one from a high end interior store at just under $300! It was the first time I had seen them and fell hard for the reds in this particular artwork.

I added 3 more when One Kings Lane had them for $75 - absolutely the BEST value (if the high $200's are market value) I have experienced via OKL. (I hesitate to recommend OKL "across the board" - b.b.w.)

Will I buy more? I could be persuaded to if it "speaks" to me and is a fair price closer to $150. After all, is the supply threatened? Hopefully, the quality remains high with attractive fabrics, detailed embroidery and even the signs of wear repaired with patches here and there.


Ramblings of a Redhead said...

I am so with you. UO has become quite of a disappointment for me lately. Prices have gone up, the fashion/quality has gone down. Bummer deal!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

ebay is my heaven. i've found so many things at less than half what online retailers and big stores sell them for!

Cotton Dolly- Ethnic Textiles & Handicrafts said...

These are quite fantastic quilts and the amount of work that goes into each kantha is remarkable.

We stock a variety of kantha quilts/throws, kantha cushions etc at our shop and online and customers just love them for their colours and vibrance that they bring into a room.

Anonymous said...

I bought 2 from a ebay store named federalexports from India, it has nice collection & shipped very fast just in 5 days it arrived.

Anonymous said...

Lovely blog.

Alice Swift said...

Handmade Kantha throw online is not only cheap, but ethnic also. There can be used to envelope bed, pillows and other stuff make home look unique. People who want their place full of energy and shades must use kantha and block printing.


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