Palette: Bone and Black | Kitchen

Today I thought we might look at a few kitchens that have eschewed the traditional white for bone and shades of black… my dream kitchen would include some of these elements, like the stone floor below - perfection.

Rustic woods and stone floors. 
No glam here - this is all about scale and simplicity, allowing the textures to speak for themselves. 
Wish we could see this in the evening, with all those lights on...

Okay, it's not really a kitchen, but it's so darling! Those sconces completely make the vignette, right?

A black-stained plank floor laid in a herringbone fashion ground the space. 
I love, love, love the understated hardware and slab backsplash - so quiet.
Rare for a kitchen to have this ethereal quality.

Small in stature but large in interest, the floor balances the black range and energizes the space.

Will be back with another bit of black and bone in the next days... fantastic to be finally posting these!

x am

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Splenderosa said...

I'm doing a fashion post on Black very soon. Love it!

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