Don't All Little Girls Love Paper Dolls?

Found these adorable paper dolls here and there on the net - 
can't quite remember the exact locations!

If you know, please tell me...

They are printable, and I'm getting them done on card stock for my littlest Valentine :)

I wish they still made things like this, they are full of charm.
I'm sure the little boy and girl pair will be the first to come to life, 
my Coco is quite enamoured of the local scoundrels lately.

If you are a little more crafty, you can create enchanting paper dolls with a very little in supplies - 
just use your imagination and whatever is kicking around your craft cupboard...

Or you can order some lovely ladies handmade at Hip Hop Jingle Boo's Etsy shop.
Aren't they darling?

Simple pleasures.

Keep trying to help my children learn to appreciate handmade goods over mass produced plastic junk.
Some times it's easy, sometimes the Nintendo wins out!

til next time...

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