Is this Your Kind of Getaway?

Oh my.  
Desire To Inspire hit the spot on friday.
  Kim is from Ottawa, where it is freezing cold.  I am in Barrie, where it is also freezing cold. 
 I so needed this little blast of summer.  
Some of you guys might not be faced with blustery, cold, winters.  
The snow is magical, and we go skating/sledding/skiing/skidooing... we enjoy the snow. 
 But the cold - the do-not-expose-anything-you-do-not-want-frozen-off kind of cold? 
 Well, by February that gets a bit old.  
We cherish our summers here.  
The warm weather is fleeting and summer weekends are a precious commodity. 
So many Ontarians head north to worship lakes and sunshine that the highways reach near standstill.  
But its always worth it!  
So when Kim posted these pics from Stuart MacIntrye's Portfolio, my heart sang, and for a few minutes I felt the warm glow of SUMMER - hope you enjoy them as much as i did.  

This is my favourite sunny corner to read in...

but it looks like I'm not the only one who knows about it...

I guess that I 'm going to have to share :)
for a little while, anyway...

til next time...

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1 comment:

Natasha said...

This room really gives off a really relaxing energy no wonder that little girl seems to like reading in their :)


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