Ryan McGinley captures Olympic Magic

The Olympics are a showcase for athletic greatness, but they are about something larger than that.
When my daughter decided to do her speech (remember those, groan) on the olympics this year I expected her to focus on the facts.  Instead, she researched into the stories of the athletes, into what motivates and inspires them to push themselves past their limits every day.  It was fascinating, and inspiring.  If these people are willing to dedicate their lives to overcome huge obstacles just for a chance to compete in the Olympics, I guess I can handle the challenges in my own life just fine.
I'll leave you to read the details on your own, but the 2010 Vancouver Games website offers profiles of all the Canadian athletes, and I'm sure theres is a similar site for each country - check it out, it's more meaningful to watch the Games when you know the Athletes better. 

Anyway, Photographer Ryan McGinley has captured some of the Olympic magic with his recently published 2010 portfolio as featured in the New York Times Magazine.

Breathtaking, yes?  
After all was said and done, my daughters speech concluded that the Olympics are a very important event because, if only for a month, most of the world comes together to create them.  More than 80 countries will enter into the Games next week, honouring a great tradition and bringing the rest of us along for the adventure of these competitors lives.

Can't wait!

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