Sweet Nothings..

This is the last I'll mention of Valentines, Promise!!
It's such a wonderful holiday, even when I was single, 
I would round up the girls and we would hit the town,
celebrating our friendship, 'cause alot of those friendships
have outlasted marriages ;)

Love these polyvore sets by Babi Boechat

Items in this set:
Top med læg by Vanessa Bruno Athe. Køb produkter fra verdens mest...
Auctiva Image Hosting
Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine For You - Tobacco, $50
BabyPhat.com: Bamboo Charm Earrings, $32
Banana Bark Bangles, 25 GBP

Today the girls and I (Cam would rather play hockey!!)
are going to make these up for friends.

Aren't they lovely?

So simple and so wonderful.

I love this blog, The Anthropologist.

I have been really into Origami lately, and will be doing a post on it shortly.

Yesterday the kiddies had a day off and so we had a little Valentine Tea Party.
Natasha got a cupcake book in her stocking this year, so we tried out one of the recipes.
The cupcakes were supposed to be chocolate but this is a house full of vanilla lovers, so although the cupcakes may not look quite as cute they tasted amazing!
My bikini may not make it to Florida this year :)

Just slice off the tops after baking, use a cookie cutter to cut out hearts, 
add a layer of buttercream icing mixed with homemade strawberry jam, 
pop the top back on.
The girls added conversation hearts to up the sugar content, and let me just say that I am going to let them finish off the candy today and be done with it-
it's been pure madness!!

I'm off to buy a vintage typewritier I found on kijiji -

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend

til next time..

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Natasha said...

Ooooooh those cupcakes looked really good tell me how they taste :]


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