Murray Duncan's Industrial Chic...

A while back I remember gasping over this living room in the home of Molly Sims.
You have all seen it, I'm sure..

It was before grey had become mainstream, and the silvers, mauves and greiges really made for a cutting edge colour-combo.  
Thats not what got me- it was the art which caused my heart to a-flutter...

I still don't know the name of this artist (do you?),
 never wanting to pursue something that I really cannot justify buying when there a three college funds to be filled.. but I thought about it often..

Later, Canadian House and Home ran a feature on rustic Italian dining, and presented this table:

Instant art lust!  The mix of graffiti-style typograhy and patina are incredible.
This one I did look up...

Murray Duncan is a Toronto artist  and co-creator of the hip store Hardware Interiors, known for their vintage and salvaged pieces.

Industrial Chic anyone?

Mr. Duncan's art melds perfectly with the exposed metals and reclaimed woods. Patina heaven!

Mixed media on wood under resin:


til next time...

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Julianne said...

Love the chest !!!


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