Whats in your Purse?

There was a time when I would leave the house with some cash, a key, and a lipgloss..

I refused to have a cell phone, not wanting to be accessible at all times, until it was thrust upon me... suddenly a purse was required. 

Once the kiddies were born those enormous diaper bags became a constant companion.

I once attended a bridal shower, where a party game involved choosing the person with the most "stuff" in their purse.
 I started to sweat.
 The ladies eyed my bulging sack and I was unamimously voted for -
which led to dumping out my bag on the living room floor, revealing ziploc bags of cheerios and several suspiciously crumpled tissues, among (many!!) other things...

I never brought a purse to a shower again.

These days I find myself wanting to simplify - everything.

So spring has me seeking out a perfect little bag... 

 The Miss Nina by Miss Pretty Perfect
The Secret-Keeper Mini Bag at Anthropologie
DeadMau5 - Stellar (VEGAN/RECYCLED) by Matt and Nat
The Kiltie by Roots
Kristin Leather Crossbody by Coach
Tie Front Mini by Fossil
Kimichi Blue Flap Pouch at Urban Outfitters

What do you think, Ladies?

Are you guys in on this small bag movement?

Just large enough for cash, keys, and a lipgloss... and a cell phone :)

til next time..

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