Twig Hutchinson: Stylist Extrodinaire

Considering my preoccupation with all things tree - Twig Hutchinson's name alone piqued my interest! Then I saw her work. 
Each space captures a striking fantasy.

This is where I would like to bathe.

in summer

and in winter

A bed made for lounging.. pot of tea at the ready..

I must admit, D and I had our mattress on the floor for a number of years.
 A rickety Ikea bedframe moved to the spare rooms for guests..
 I kept saying it was so the kiddies, who always found their way in around 3 am, wouldn't fall into peril.

It was also because I liked it :)

One day a relative remarked how odd it was and the next thing you knew we were shopping for a bed frame, which is beautiful, but sometimes the hippie in me just wants to wake in a room like this...

So. Easter is coming, and I haven't decorated yet. 
A few bunnies have found their way out of storage but have no home yet...
It was this image that led me to Twig's portfolio to begin with.

Next week I will decorate.
For sure.
Have you?

And I'm going to have a post about a little kitchen project thats in the works,
 something I have wanted to do for a long time..

til next time...

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