Are You Ready To Embrace Florals?

What a spectacular weekend!
The sun shone, and we spent more time outdoors than in...
Hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

With spring in the air, the urge to freshen up the indoors is always next.
I've never been one to fill my home with florals, but lately I find myself embracing them more and more...

These are some easy ways to bring in a little spring without a huge commitment.

Feels like a garden party...

Anthropologie curtains and tablecloth

Classic Indigo shines when it looks like linen and pairs with gold..

Ralph Lauren China

Chris Chun creates the most exquisite fabrics and paintings

Make your own textiles with this La Garoupe fabric from Ralph Lauren:

Or seek out vintage prints for a one-of-a-kind look...

Via Flikr Amy Honey and Some Art Fabric 

Who doesn't love Kathryn M Ireland's brilliant collection? And I adore that artwork...

Some fresh pillows invite restful afternoons..

A playful way to repurpose an old chair..

These delicate curtains are made from scarves..

Lets not forget the walls - sweet flowers..

This fabulous Anna French wallpaper can be used for smaller projects to add a bit of punch..

Or are you really ready to go for it? 
 After so many years of white walls reigning supreme, some of us are going all out, with really wonderful results..

Smells lovely :)

til next time...

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