Have an Etsy Easter!

Have an Eggs-cellent (sorry, couldn't resist) Etsy Easter...

to go along with jelly beans and chocolate bunnies
Pearly Pinkerhoff from Trafalgar's Square

Taking photos? How about this lovely camaera strap from Sew Tamz

This Vintage Dress will do quite nicely: Adelaide Home Sewn

Some sparkly silver lilies and shoes named Overlapping Waves? Who could resist?
Laughing Dog Studio  and Anthropologie (okay, not Etsy, but my fav!)

Hosting an Easter fete?

Everything from lilacs to meringues will live happily ever after in these pink glass compotes..

Deviled eggs are my specialty, and you couldn't find a prettier way to display them: Fierce Flora

For those of us who like to try out new crafts, Etsy posted a tutorial about how to make these darling Picture-perfect bunnies... how cute?

And some of the prettiest easter eggs I have ever seen are suprisingly simple to make - by Martha, of course...

And there you have it, ladies.

I am off to attempt to cover my leftover plastic eggs with moss today for our easter table..
 glue madness!
 I'll let you know how this one goes...

til next time..

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1 comment:

Annabelle said...

There's nothing wrong with an ETSY Easter!!! I love all the pictures and especially like the jelly beans with the flowers!

Very pretty!


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