Warning: This Post May Cause a Desire to Remodel!

I've never been a big fan of stock cabinetry.
My own house is only a few years old, so I can't really justify changing out ours.. but
unexpected and innovative bathrooms cabinets are so much more interesting.
It seems, though, that there are many more rustic options out there than chic ones.
I love rough hewn, but sometimes a girl just wants something a bit more swanky...

(you really should stop reading now if you are even the teeniest little bit disssatisfied with your loo!)

Put a spin on traditional:

Warm up the space with a sumptuous gold:

Um, this is my favourite.. can you believe those sinks?! 
This space feels like the inside of a jewellry box..

Not-so-Basic White:

Grace and Charm:

Did I mention the stunning wall units?
Lets hear it for color!

Or Dining Collection?

These fluid walnut chairs are the perfect blend of old and new, 
investment pieces that could find their way into almost any interior, and stay there..

And this sculptural armchair, oh, so lovely..

So maybe I'm thinking about more than just a bathroom remodel... :)

til next time..
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Layers and Layers said...

Great post Anne-Marie, spectacular vanities....thanks for sharing


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