So, Um, What Exactly is a sParty?

Last week my eldest daughter turned eleven.

eleven years of smiles
eleven years of wonder at her fierce competitiveness (from her father)
 eleven years of finding little loves notes on my desk, in my wallet, under my pillow
eleven years watching her grow into the young lady she is, strong and independent

We gave her a phone, black and yellow (favorite colors), so we can keep up with her on the ever-increasing adventures around our neighbourhood...

Last summer we moved, and she asked for a sleepover party with her new friends...
which turned into a Spa Sleepover, which turned into a sParty...

let the giggling begin :)

As they arrived, each girl received a VIP pass, which entitled her to all the spa services.
Natasha had fun with this one, listing an occupation under their names that reflects their aspirations:
 Geologist, Kindergarten Teacher (my daughter), Professional Soccer Player, etc..

pizza, punch, cupcakes and candy - all the essentials..
Natasha is going through an Andy Warhol obsession at the moment,
hence the pop art wrapping paper down the centre of the table.. an easy table runner

After presents and a whopping trampoline session, the girls came inside for some OHM time...

Candy Silvasy from the Art of Spa suggested a beauty buffet,
 where the girls could create their own face masks. 
 The best idea she gave me was to use paint brushes to mix and apply the masks,
 that worked so well - thank you, Candy!

Courtney Dial from Pizzazzerie also had a great suggestion for a fantastic autograph pillow.
My Mom gave Natasha an autograph frame, so we'll save that next year - thanks Courtney!

I wanted everything to be super-gentle and natural for their young skin.

going with a lemon and mint theme, we started with a sugar scrub.
Just mix enough oil (olive works great, we used almond) to moisten ordinary sugar, then mix in lemon zest and mint leaves.
Rub into skin and rinse off, easy exfoliation..

Then each girl had an aromatherapy / steam session: they spent a few minutes over boiling water,
 again mixed with lemon and mint.. 

While they were taking turns, they made their face masks:
each girl  received a parfait dish with a small amount of plain yogurt for a base.
Then they added whatever they liked from the buffet: 
rosewater, honey, almond oil, mashed avacado, mashed banana, oatmeal
 or a little of a chocolate / strawberry mask we bought from a a natural food store here.

Some of these concoctions smelled wonderful, some just smelled ;)

Too cute.. she's going to love this one!

With glowing skin we set off to the mani/pedi station:
Goody bags were $ store flip flops, and a makeup case containing nail gems, file, and polish.
(note the water bottle labels, another Natasha touch, she is so her mother's daughter!)

 The girls soaked their feet in a lemon and mint bath in the guest ensuite,
and we painted till the wee hours, with them relaxing in D's massage chair as each one finished...
Bride Wars and 27 Dresses playing in the background...

Such fun! Hope you guys had a great weekend, too.

 I am thinking that a (big) Girls spa weekend may be in order next.. those face masks looked amazing!

til next time..

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