Chris Piascik: Hand-Drawn Typograhpy Art

I really, really love Chris Piasik's work.
It's the ultimate doodling, that grew up...

Witty, original, interesting and relevant...
is there anything else that needs to be said?
How about the fact that he completes at least one a day, and posts them on flickr?

Creative Sessions - 2 by Chris Piascik.

20100520 by Chris Piascik.
20100524-Now-Here by Chris Piascik.

20100414-anything by Chris Piascik.

20100315-world-is-lazy by Chris Piascik.

2010107-caffeine by Chris Piascik.
20091027-letters by Chris Piascik.

How's that for creative energy?

Makes you want to make something, doesn't it?

til next time...
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