Inspiring Decor at the Parisian Apostrophe Hotel

The Left Bank is home to a new hotel, one based on the poetic atmosphere in which it lives..

At The Apostrophe Hotel, each room is unique, and cocooning is encouraged...

The Music Room

Voilage musique

Souvenir room, the picture on the wall is what this wall used to actually look like.. tres cool..

In the same spirit, the carpet was modelled after the previous crumbling tiles...


and more texture.. love the added dimension these carpets give to the design

Street level art, elevated with great success..

Ahh, La Riviere, everything in Paris is permeated by it's ambiance...

This is clever, an extra-large console on wheels does double duty as a desk/table and can be used in bed or with the chairs...

Graffiti appreciated :)

A Typography Moment.. look at those curtains!

No corner is neglected..

I am a solids lover, so all this pattern is bit thrilling for me.. it's invigorating..
do you think there is something here that could be translated into your space?

Il inspire, non?

til next time..

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