Whose Favourite Color is Army Green?


You can tell a lot about a person by their color preferences..
Maybe it's the day job, but when someone tells me their favourite color
I feel like they've just shared a momentous secret..

"Army Green"


Green is a special color.

The easiest color on the eyes, 
green is the epitome of health and regeneration.
A clear fresh green energizes and refreshes..
but army green is not a generic green.
Distinctive, gracefully dancing towards brown...
Army green offers a safe haven.
A true and honest color, not easily defined,
complex in hue yet sincere in it's ease.

Army green is an unusual choice.
It is suggest a person who is distinctive, and perceptive.
Preferring a color that represents reliability and relevance
 suggests a person who is perceptive and devoted, 
who is guided by compassion and a desire to find balance.

 Practical but not predictable.

Enter Designer Nate Berkus:
Did you know that Army green is this dashing fellow's fav colour?

His tagline may be love the way you live, 
but he has made a career of giving people the confidence to 
live the way they love.

Casting aside constraints of what is trendy or impressive,
Nate advises people to decorate based on the feeling they want to create.

chicago home magazine

80% of what his firm uses is vintage..
his favourite web site is 1st Dibs -
I love him already :)

favourite object: books
Nate's newest design direction is about trying to get people to stay home and read..
"Books change us, they make us better, I don't think any other object does that."

According to Nate, 
a home should be:

a place of repose...

provocative, full of unique vintage finds..

intimate, with layers of relevant accessories that bring you joy..
old notes, framed
bits and bobs from your travels, displayed proudly..

and always,  ALWAYS,  a great chair!

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Can't wait to see more of our favourite army-green-lovin',
give-that-space-some-soul decorator this fall, Nate!
The Nate Show premieres Sept 13.. look for it..

This post is part of a special series of posts organized by @CreateGirl and @moggitgirls for #nateday on twitter.. if you'd like to read more check out the other participating blogs on this list.  :)

til next time..

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Sarah said...

I almost feel like painting a wall in my apartment army green now! Great post!

Creategirl said...

thanks for taking part in NateDay! You posted some rooms I had completely forgotten about, nice reminder!

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

I think Army Green is a great color, so earthy. Enjoyed the other photos in your post, always colorful and beautiful.

Arianna Belle said...

I love Nate Berkus! I hadn't seen the one with the orange dining tables - I love love love the detailing on the back! so beautiful!

Unknown said...

Hi there, I'm still making my rounds reading NateDay posts. Your post is great. You have some great pics I hadn't seen before. Thanks for sharing. Nice entry to the post starting out with the color green.

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

What a fun day that was! I think it would be fab to do this once in a while with different designers, it knocked my sox off how many people participated - x


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