Packing Crates as a Building Material?

What do you see? Packing crates? How about a building material?

modern rustic kitchen design

Have you seen these kitchens?

Here's some thinking about the box ( sorry, couldn't resist! ).

Designer and builder Rupert Blanchard made these for 
Time based Arts, London.

They are standard cabinets veneered with lids of vintage tea-packing chests.

rustic kitchen remodeling idea

Although the surrounding areas need a wee bit of finishing - and tidying! -
 what a cool idea..

With warehouses full of these types of crates there are so many possibilities for this material. 

Another couple in Barcelona used wine crates for a unique and sustainable kitchen:

They even offer a DIY if you'd like to try it..

I have a built in wet bar in the basement made from dreary, lackluster cabinetry..

 What about flooring?
Think industrial loft..
This bathroom floor was made from wine crates..
 as featured in Domino - sniff.. 



How about these lighting installations made of wine crates by artist Tracey Johnson?

Stunning.. and the rest of her work is just as noteworthy, 
explore her site - you will not be disappointed..

Her's a great take on traditional stacked crates..


 But if you're DIY challenged the patina of old wine crates is just as lovely..
simply stacked as shelving..


Change your take on old crates? 

If I see any I think I'm going to be bringing them home...
D will be so happy!!

til next time..

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