Inspired by Nature: Grenadier Pottery

I love a good plate display in a dining room..


I am considering doing one of these in my own dining room..
which I won't show you just yet because it is not ready for sharing :)

These tactile pieces from Ellen Grenadier
would be spectacular in a grouping:

 Fern plates

Her work is glazed with natural cobalt blues, copper greens and ambers made from iron.

I would really love a set of her fantastic mugs and cups

mugs and cups

Ellen makes custom wall tiles.. 
  shown here in an arts and crafts kitchen backsplash

Kitchen tile installation

Imagine those tiles in a creamy white, above grey painted cabinetry..
open upper shelving with cast iron brackets.. ahh..

but I digress :)

Do you like the rustic feel of her work?
These are the bits that make a kitchen feel "homey" to me.

Crock with spoons

til next time..

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1 comment:

Cynthia Fox-Giddens said...

Very nice pottery. I would love that backslash in my kitchen. Oh and the green plates w/leaf imprint too. The whole lot for that matter, Just darling!


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