To My Darling, with Love..

today I am feeling a little romantic..


think love letters and poetry

love these gentler takes on the typography trend..

while some pieces might only work in a bedroom,
I like to see unexpected elements in living spaces, as well.

here an interesting carpet breathes life into a living space..

this chair deserves a room designed around it..
soft greys and sunlight..

My Favorite Chair

oh, Anthro, you always have what I am craving..
let's just run away together..

the white on black ups the chic factor


this is from my own bedroom..
I adored this quote and decided to put it upon a canvas..

perhaps just a pillow..


revive the forgotten art and tuck your own notes into this sweet pillow..


punchy embroidery in the color of passion..


Etsy fabrics for those who have there own ideas..
the first fabrics are in Italian, not the usual French, for a twist

trimming wonderful towels? placed in a frame?


oh, such beauty!
the patina, the beautiful script.. a way of writing that we don't see anymore..

 Handwritten notes are so rare now.
love emails just don't hold the same appeal :)
although modern day love can be shown in other, more permanent ways..


What do we think? Are these bits of joy more appropriate for the bedroom?
Or would you incorperate any of these in other parts of your space?

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Kerry said...

I love these! Lots for the bedroom, but I think that the chair, curtains and pillows could probably work in other rooms. I've seen wallpaper that looks like old handwritten letters as well in a beautiful cursive and it's GORGEOUS!

Unknown said...

I'm a big time quote collector. It's wonderful to have beautiful verse around, and you've shown some great ways to use it. Some are a little personal for public spaces, for me.

Sarah said...

WOW! You made that canvas? I need to be more creative!


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