The Sketchbook Project

So here is something really innovative for unknown artists from the Art House Co-op.

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

Have you heard about this?
It's been around for a few years now, with great success.
For a $25 fee, you purchase a sketchbook, 
which comes with a random theme or you can choose one from the list available.

I like: adhere to me, revenge, and the greatest story ever told.


Then you sketch!
There are few limitations, other than a request for no hazardous materials ;)

Once your book is finished, you return it to the Sketchbook Project
where it is scanned and entered into the exhibition.
The exhibition goes on tour, 
hitting eight cities before it becomes part of a permanent exhibition at the Brooklyn Art Library.

Kate Castelli

The exhibition is going to be able to be viewed in real-time online - 
so artists that can't make the show at each stop can see who is looking at their work, 
and the response it gets.

Ken McCarthy

Outstanding, isn't it? Such innovation..
 great opportunity for artists to get heir name out there.

For anyone who uses one, you know how personal a sketchbook can be. 
It's a visual diary, of sorts, so being able to wander through these artists minds will be so interesting.
Do any of you ladies sketch?
It's the first place I go when trying to work through a dilemma - 
 very therapeutic and more accessible than a weekend trip to the Bahamas :)

til next time..
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1 comment:

Karena said...

I do sketch, often before starting a painting or just as inspirations and thoughts. I have tear sheets galore I also use from design and fashion.

Wonderful project!!

I have a New Giveaway from the French Basketeer that I think you will love!

Art by Karena


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