"What Happens At The Michelberger Stays AT The Michelberger"

Reception 2

I came across East Berlin's The Michelberger Hotel  - 
from the first moment you arrive, you begin to get the feeling that this is no ordinary hotel.

The Lobby.


This area was what led me here in the first place..
can you see what they have created with books and metal?
Wire cages, topped with wood to become a credenza,
anchored to the floor and ceiling to become a room divider,
shaped into an umbrella-like form and placed over a bulb as lighting.

Bar 1

Slightly more interesting than a starbucks.

Bar 2

Bar 2

The restaurant is an oasis of light, and simplicity, 
perfect for morning

Eating 2

Many of the rooms are loft-based.
They have a home-spun feel - 
unfinished woods, natural textiles

Big One 1

Asymetrical windows offer a link to the space beyond.

Luxus Chalet 1

A shower chandelier..

Luxus Chalet 3
Luxus view 2

Lining the walls with books - quite literally!


Heaps of ideas here.. anything tickle your fancy?
I love that books take such an active role in the design here.
Pop by their site - it's worth a peek.

til next time..

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