Incredible Abodes: Marc Morriset in Whistler

Fresh out of school I moved to Whistler, BC, to pursue the illustrious career of "ski bum".
I had never been there before, but didn't let that stop me..
 I arrived with backback, stereo, ski equipment and about $600 to my name :)
all the essentials!

Some friends had saved me a spot in a gorgeous chalet,
 complete with hot tub on the mountain view deck and sauna.
Never mind the fact that I had to share a room.. 
or that there were eight of us living in one house - it was bliss. 
Every day you wake up and pinch yourself..
Winter brings the obvious activities to mind, but summer is incredible here, as well.
Several fresh water lakes are scattered throughout Whistler and "back in the day", before it had grown to what it is now, everyone was welcome in any and all of them.
It was a magical time, but eventually I returned to my roots and family, and here we are.

My husband did the same thing, and we missed each other by months, only to meet later in life.
We still dream of returning to the mountains, and that is the goal for retirement.

Mark Morriset never left.
A pro snowboarder, he lives in Whistler with hie family.
I have spent many a minute pouring over his home.


Everything is built into the granite here, so you can toss the stair master..


How's this for an entry? I'd say the wow factor is present..



Outdoor pursuits come first here, and every entry has a variation of a ski locker..
how about the plexi wall? Clever..


khyber ridge residence 9 Khyber Ridge Residence by Studio NminusOne

There's nothing to say, this explains it all..


Nature provides all the decoration you need..


khyber ridge residence 6 Khyber Ridge Residence by Studio NminusOne





the perfect spot to soak after a long boarding or biking session..


or relax by the fire, note the snow-
 Whistler gets an average of 33 feet of snow on the peak of the mountain!
 The valley isn't quite so extreme, but bring a shovel :)


Never mind San Francisco,
I left my heart in Whistler -x

til next time..

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Rebecca said...

this is perfection! Not so sure about the snow, though!

Nienke at Revel said...

Oh Whistler, you are so magical! I LOVE that last pic with the snowy trees view - you're right, maybe nature is the only decoration we need :)


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