Photographer: David Duncan Livingston

David Duncan Livingston is an Architectural Photographer based out of California.
Thought you may like to see some of the gorgeous interiors he has captured so beautifully..

aren't those furry stools the greatest?!
I love how the piping on the sofa picks up the trim on the credenza..
and that slab coffee table, oh..

completely love the way this art way hung. 
It's unusual to see irregular mats, but it makes it more interesting, don't you think?

the red felt speaks for itself, but the mod brocade walls infuse more fun still..

those floral armchairs off much needed levity to the room..

without the chair this room would be a bore,
love the angle of this shot, how all the lines are leading you to the spectacular architecture.

I'm off to meet an old friend for lunch, and doing some shopping for a client,
what are you up to today?

Hoping to get my curtains hung in the living room shortly,
 I've re-painted those navy walls and finished some diy art, 
and will try to post it soon :)

til next time.. 

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1 comment:

Sheri said...

I LOVE those fluffy stools!


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