Tree Week: Tinsel Trees

With Christmas in just 26 days (ahh) tree season has arrived!

This week I am going to explore all the creative ways of using trees for the holidays.

We use a variety of trees around the house, but a new one last year was the addition of tinsel trees.

Now, these have always seemed a bit "Vegas" to me, lumped into the category reserved for flashing multi-coloured lights and trees covered in copious amounts of gold and red.

But last December, after venturing into the holiday section at Wal-Mart,
the kids came running, each with a different color of tinsel tree in their arms.


And so off we went, me eyeing the trees dubiously, the kids discussing (quite seriously)
how each of them was going to decorate their new tree.

They've always had their own small tree in their bedroom, you see, 
and I give no input as to how the lights/decorations/trim go on - 
it's their project, and the kids love it!

Sunday they got their trees up, and I thought you may like to see what they came up with :)

Natasha has gone for silver and white, with bits of turquoise peeking through.
It's a snow theme, I was told.

She created the pompom (snowball) garland this year, which I think is adorable.

This delicate fairy makes it up just about every year, despite the theme.

The girls figure skate, so of course the skate ornament (she bought at a craft sale) is up.

Many years back I made a bunch of sequined/beaded balls, so Natasha tried her hand at some.

Pretty, isn't it?

Coco's tree is, of course, pink.

Every year the girls and I attend The Nutcracker Ballet in Toronto,
and Chloe adores it.

The first years she asked for a ballerina decoration at the ballet, but last two she requested a Nutcracker.
And then saved her allowance and bought an entire set!

The blown glass flowers are part of a set from the year she wanted a "garden tree".

Cameron's tree is quite dark - green with red lights.
I couldn't get pics without the flash going, so sorry for the glare :)
Cam refuses to have a tree skirt - "boys don't wear skirts, Mum"
but I think one of the girls placed those Mardi Gras beads underneath!

One year the Christmas crackers had these little wooden ornaments inside.
When everyone saw how excited Cam was to have a decoration for his tree, they all gave him theirs!
There is also an elf he bought at a craft sale (see a trend here?!!)
a puppy ornament he has had since he was wee,
and of course, his beloved blue disco balls :)

This Nutcracker was part of Coco's set, she gave it to him because "everyone needs a nutcracker, Mum".

As a finishing touch, Cam removed this tinsel streamer from a ball, and popped it on top!

It's fun to watch these tree's evolve and change as the kids do.
They are so proud of their creations, and everyone who sets foot in our house this month
 will get pulled up the stairs to see them!

Don't know if I would put that much tinsel anywhere else in the house, LOL.

Would you?

til next time..

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Unknown said...

Ah those tinsel trees.. brings back memories. We had a blue tinsel tree when I was a kid! 70s.. Talk about full circle! While I love all 3 trees above (great job kids!), okay.. I'm really drawn to the pink one. Sooo pretty. My little girl wants to see the Nutcracker here too. Wonder if she'll be able to make it through the entire performance? Fantastic trees everyone!

abby @ a delightful design said...

I love this idea and they turned out so great! Maybe Jack will get a tree in his room after all...

I saw a tree at K-mart this weekend that spun. Oh, the horror. ;-)

the runaway romantique said...

These are the most lovingly decorated trees ever! And what a great and fun way for the kids to get into the spirit of xmas :) Give them all a pat on the back for me!

- the runaway

Choo Choo said...

Of course the kids are enthusiastic about decorating their own trees -they have you as a Mom! I LOVE each one, and how great that you've given each one the opportunity to personalize thier own special tree in their own special place.


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