Color Post: How the Natural Light in your Space Affects Color Choices

I'm going to start including a few more color posts on the blog, because it seems like so many of my clients have similar questions for me that this may give everyone some commonly needed information.

When I book a color consultation with a client, the first thing I do is type in their address at google maps.
This shows me which exposure the property has so that I can accurately determine which direction each room faces when considering color selections.

I should mention that climate has a big effect on light - generally speaking, in a sunnier clime, the more intense and cool tones work well, whereas places with long grey winters should really stick with lighter and warmer palettes.

People aren't always aware what a difference there is in north, south east or west facing room,
so I've been playing around with a photo so you can see how light changes color:

The light from the North - 
north facing rooms are the darkest in the home.
Although most artists prefer to use this light because of it's consistency through the day,
it will cause everything in the space to appear, and feel, cooler.
Adding warm hues through paint and accents are important to make the space feel welcoming.

The light from the South -
south facing rooms are brightest in the house.
These spaces, like north facing rooms, have consistent light all day - 
the difference is it is a warmer, bright light that intensifies any color placed within it.
Unless you love the energizing effect of intense hues, use softer tones here.

The light from the East  -
these rooms obviously light up in the morning, 
and that means determining what time of day they will be used most frequently.
The light from the east is bright and white, and tends to wash out color,
 so a more saturated palette may be used here.
If the space will be used more in the afternoon or evening, 
a warmer palette will help to balance the lack of natural light.

The light from the West -
the afternoon/evening light from the west tends to be orange based.
If the space will be used during these times, you will definitely want cool tones here for balance.
Morning use of a west-facing space will mean that more warm tones
 can be used without becoming overwhelming.

Very rarely do buildings face a direction squarely, and often there is windows on multiple walls,
so usually rooms receive a combination of light.


This is the reason you have to bring paint swatches home to check out how they appear in your space.

Cottage Living

Is there a room in you home where you have applied this strategy?
Did it make a difference in the atmosphere?
Were you happy with the results?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on these color posts, and would be completely happy if to post about any color bits you would like - just let me know!

One week til school starts, and I will miss the kids, but it will be lovely to get back on track with the projects around here and share them with you - next up is my living room, which desperately needs curtains (west facing) and the art hung :)

til next time..

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Russian Talent

I have had the site for Andrey Zharnitskiy bookmarked for a while..
Ikept intending to find out more about them - my Russian is a little rusty!

But we all want pics, not words, don't we?!!

lighting love

 looks like an art installation, doesn't it? The illuminated headboard must be gorgeous at night..

Under-bed lighting - love it or hate it? 
The grouping of small pendants over the dressing table is wonderful - detail below..

I am desperate to bring a plant into this kitchen :)
but do you see that lighting?!!

This belongs over my dining room table :)

fab built-in's

details, details

the lattice is fantastic, right? 
not sure if those are fake fur covered walls, but I think I'd skip that part..
bad memories of the late seventies (yes, I was alive then, but very young. very.)

the other side of that bedroom from lighting..

can you say lounge?

beautiful handles

This might steal the show, but what fun..

a smile every time you open it..

love this modern mural..

I'll leave you with a selection of drool-worthy floors..

Hope you enjoyed..

til next time..
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Etsy Artist: Yellena James Bringing Pen and Ink To Life

I love Japanese art..
"The Great Wave of Kanagawa" by Hokusai
is one of my favourite pieces of art - ever.


I actually have a print of this work and four others waiting to be framed for my living room..

There's something enchanting about his style, such movement and emotion captured so delicately.

So when I found Yellena James work on Etsy I was instantly taken in..

After reading her profile I discovered she has produced works for Anthropologie - of course!

She works with pen and ink and marker.. such simple tools to create these richly detailed drawings.

These hard-edged geometrics worked in are unusual in her pieces -
 they add a more surreal vibe, don't they? 

At the moment she is having a print sale, 
so mosey on over to her Etsy shop and splurge!

Your walls will thank you :)

Maybe - Print

I had a few minutes yesterday to peruse Etsy and found some outstanding fall clothing -
 try to share this weekend..
Off to back to back bbq's this weekend - trying to squeeze out every last drop of summer.

What are you all up to?

til next time..
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Can This Paint Change Design?

Does anyone remember those hypercolor t-shirts that changed color with body heat?
Memories of kiosks in the mall heaped with garishly colored cottons
 and people huggingt-shirts to their chests gleefully experimenting..

This trip down memory lane was courtesy of
who are manufacturing a paint that is heat reactive.

It begins as a base coat of white,
with either black or blue eclipse on top.

As the paints heats, it will change from the black or blue color to white!
If you like, you can add a "candy coat" on top of the eclipse paint -
which will result in the black or white becoming the other color you have chosen.

There are also glitter options! (do not, under any circumstances, tell Coco!)

While this is a wee bit gimmicky, I wonder if it harkens to future possibilities..
imagine a room that can change color to repel or absorb the suns rays as we choose..

Energy efficient walls?

There are huge design considerations here as well,
imagine the ability to have different colors in a room dependent on the time of day.

Obviously the color options would have to be expanded hugely,
the current finishes look like something you would find on a bike frame, not a wall -
 but still..


Oh, yes, and thought you may get a kick out of these options that are floating around..

I see dorm room possibilites..
synthetic snakeskin Please Touch Pillow..


You have all seen this one, I'm sure..

and Shi Yuan also made a fading calendar and interactive art..

Apartment Therapy found this Yala Sofa by Elliat Rich that I quite like -


some people at  Moving Color that are exploring ideas..
and there is a really lengthy article here about the technical side
 if you need to know how it works - I admit I did not read it well.. visual learner :)

Are we going to find tasteful way to use this technology to our advantage in interiors?
Or will it remain relegated to baby spoons and gimmicks?

til next time..

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