Blackberry or iPhone?


I've never been into video games.
I have an iPod.
I love my blackberry.

(the excuses because I use BBM so much reasons for why I didn't make the switch to an iPhone earlier)

I use a mac.
I present images to clients all the time.
My rollerball broke. Again.

The time had come to say goodbye to my blackberry and, have to say, I am in app heaven!

Started with the Benjamin Moore, 
the wonder app that scans any surface and color matches it to one of their paint hues..
then ColorSnap from Sherwin-Williams,
 which can customize color with lightness, saturation and hue features..

I'm sure you all have iHandy Level iPhone app, this is really cool.
Your phone can tell you if the art you are installing in your clients home is perfectly level - LOVE it!

Got the really useful MacBox Units iPhone app -
 converts measurements from metric to imperial, among others things -
perfect for a Canadian designer who does work for my lovely neighbors to the south :)

The Handyman DIY app is fantastic for recording the measurements of a room,
 and itemizes all the plugs, switches and so on..
it allows you to organize lists of materials, tasks, etc for each room - so helpful!

Now I'm looking at the Mark On Call app for floor plan genius, 
and apparently it lets you scan any finish and skin it onto any item in your online pic-
this would be so helpful for color visualization.
Anyone tried it?

Must admit, friday night, when my blackberry was about to sigh it's last, exhausted breath,
panic set in a little.. 
but now that I have crossed over to the dark side,
all I can say is - 
WHY did I wait so long?!!!

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What side of the fence to you live on?
Any words of wisdom to pass on to the new girl?

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Anonymous said...

Check out springpad and instagram. They both made my life easier! That phone booth case is really cute.

Abby M. Interiors said...

New app you must try: SnapShop! You will die from is awesomeness!

Edwina@FASHION+ART said...

Haven't made the leap although I love all things Mac. Apps are very nice but, how many calls have you dropped?

Unknown said...

I've never been able to decide, which is probably why I have a junkie old phone haha But I need a new one soon! I always go back and forth between Blackberry and iPhone. I'm not a massive fan of the touch screen, which is my only reason for leaning away from the iPhone. We shall see what happens!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

ok, getting more convinced i need an iphone. that spririt level got me!

lisaroy said...

my guy lost my phone and felt bad so he replaced it with an iPhone - total score!! I can't even imagine how I ever managed without it now. the apps are great! :)

Blanca A. said...

ha, welcome to 2011! :D i love my iphone, i've had it since day 1. I live in Grand Rapids, eh, kinda of a big city in Michigan and i've never had a drop call. From what i understand, thats a big problem in NY and San Francisco. Anyway, i lurve it! Check out CraigsPro (craigslist) , ColorSplash (for pics), Pocketbooth (for pics), Paint it now (pics). I know these are not for helping you decorate BUT there so much fun changing your pics of yourself, family etc. Very cool. Also, check out MapQuest for navigation. I believe it's free and it talks to you! Very helpful and waaaay cheaper than TomTom apps. Have fun, and remember there is lots of free stuff out there that is equally great as the paid apps. Happy hunting!

Unknown said...

I use Mark On Call. I have most rooms measured and carry this with me when I am shopping. You can measure your furniture which will help you decide if a new acquisition will fit in a certain space. I use it to store photos of current furniture. I love the ability to move around furniture to see if they could possibly fit in a new location. I can say it reduces back strain. I immediately know, "that won't work".
It only allows the user to enter measurements that are whole numbers. You cannot enter, i.e. 12' 2 1/2", you would need to eliminate the 1/2" entering only 12'2". This could lead to some problems if you need measurements smaller than 1".
I like it, but I do hope they will update it soon. In the last year they have only updated Mark On Call one time. (maybe twice) not enough.

Carissa @ the Fabulous Design File said...

Thanks for this awesome list of apps! I don't have an iphone (I think I'm one of the few people out there who hardly ever uses a cell phone), but do have an ipad. Can't wait to check these apps out.


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