Set a Fabulous Table and Help Fight Cancer

Okay ladies -
here is your opportunity to create your dream dining space!

 sponsored by the Canadian Cancer Society,
is looking for 33 designers to transform 
the Grand Ballroom at the Sheraton Centre (Toronto)
 into a magical setting for this FIRST annual event.

Perhaps you will be inspired by the sunshine yellow of their flower, the daffodil..

Follow the link to get involved :) or pass this along, please.
We have all lost someone to cancer,
but maybe one day that will change.

Thanks to Krista of the Hopeless Chest and her Mum for getting this event up and running -
hope it's uber successful and the beginning of a must-attend annual event.

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1 comment:

Chanele said...

Great event! I would love to get involved as a design student- volunteering anyhow! Thanks for sharing! Lovely blog you have here Anne-Marie.


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