summer blog crawl: a lake classic

This post is part of the summer blog crawl linkup from Brittany of Gallery no 8.

Where I live summer is all about the cottage.

Each friday the highways are packed with overloaded cars 
driving to the water to grab their slice of canadian heaven...

While modern cottages tend to skew more grand home than cottage,
I like the feel of the old, simplistic, wood-panelled cottages.
A place where sand and water are as welcome as guests.

A place to put your feet up.

One of the best classic modern getaways I've seen is Thom Felicia's lakehouse..

I'm sure you saw it when it was featured in Domino.
It's one of the few interiors where I actually like the antlers :)

Take another look - years later, and it still feel fresh and completely perfect.

That's good design.

The view from the lake... I'm never leaving.

the entry, with it's ubiquitous workbench console/bar.
This was pre-pottery barn knockoff - the inspiration, perhaps?

Thom whitewashed the walls - a transparent finish that still allows a rustic bit of grain to show, 
but softens the palette and keeps all that wood from taking over.
At the time, the grey seemed slightly unusual, but today it's at the forefront of trends.

The main living space - every lake house would do with a stone fireplace like this one.

Love the black accents.
Again, by painting the trim and doors black Thom upped the chic factor 
and kept that wood overload under control.

A chic wee kitchen tucked in under the industrial feeling stairs...

and a dream view for dining.
Look at the flagstone floors!
I like the fishing weights he's used as accents, 
bringing in nautical bits without overloading on shells.

A small den - that daybed would be the perfect spot to curl up during a rain.

Heading upstairs....
more black metal, reclaimed wood.. and antlers :)

How about black + glass doors with burlap privacy panels?
Yes, please.

The boho bedspread is still masculine without being stark.
I like how Thom created a sleeping nook with two closets on either side of the bed - so clever.

The loft is all set up for guests - think he'll mind if we drop by?!!

And this is end of day perfection, a fire, friends and the serenity of the lake.

can't you just feel your pulse slowing.
(and why did Ikea stop making those chairs? they're pretty sexy!)

I would love to see pictures of this space today - I'll bet not much has changed.

Happy Fourth of July, to all of you south of the border!
And a belated happy Canada Day to all my Canadians girls -
we were out on the boat, at the beach, bbqs and firework celebrations for the past three days.

It was wonderful... now if I can just get my head back into work mode :)

Have a great Monday, everyone - x

Source 1 Domino

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Anonymous said...

Great post! Those cabin photos are just fantastic, luv em'! Oh and I agree with those Ikea chairs....

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous post- that cottage is amazing- absolutely perfect!!

Sarah said...

perfect spot for a girls weekend. Speaking of which!!

Janis@ Home Style said...

What a great post, the style is bang-on..........I wouldn't change a thing.

So glad to have found another Canuck out here in the blogosphere....I'll be following along.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous post!!! Love me some cottage time!

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

I couldn't agree more. I love the rustic cottage over the home away from home. I miss Muskoka and cottage country.

Barbara@HausDesign said...

What a beautiful cabin! You made such a good point about how to tone down the wood factor - of course you want wood in a cabin but too much can be, well...too much! I love how he did the black detailing in some parts - it makes a big difference! Beautiful post!


Urban Road said...

Wow...I can understand sitting in hours of traffic if that cabin is where I will end up!
Suzie xx

lisaroy said...

Yup, I could hang out there! I'm SO missing our Muskoka place right now! :)

Aubrey {All Things Bright and Beautiful} said...

Who needs work when you have a place to go like that??? (c: Yeah, i would never leave that place! Absolutely gorgeous...but I would expect nothing less from Thom...he is fantastic!

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

completely agree, perfect setting. I would never want to leave. when can i get an invite? :)

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

i'm scouring ebay like a mad woman looking for an old fire place likat one on his deck, i want it for my new patio - for sipping G & T's in front of : )

it really is a grgeous place that cabin. xx

hello my dear said...

Stunning! Great share! x sarah


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