Happy Holidays!

Hello lovely friends!

 t's been a week of highs and lows, 
and one that has made me realize a few things...

the first is that I need to make more time for my family right now...

and that means certain things need to take a backseat... like this blog.

so thank you for sticking by me, and dropping in and reading,
I am going to take a blogcation 'til the new year...
I'll come back happier and more inspired, with heaps of useful colour posts - promise!

 since I had a couple of giveaways lined up for the holidays,
 they will be here for the taking in January!

Also, last year we did a really cool re-organizing link-up party, with The Great Clean Out.
Since January seems to the the time to clean up and clear out,
I'm thinking about hosting another one this year.
I've got at least six or seven spaces that could benefit from "the treatment" around here :)
We found it was really motivating to all do it together last year -
because when you really just wanted to stuff everything back in and shut the doors,
you knew you weren't alone, and that all the other ladies were feeling the same thing!
You also knew you had committed to a reveal, and so you just got it done -
and it felt so great after!!

So, if you'd like to tackle something around your place
(anything, from a cupboard to a room!)
please email me at amezeard@10rooms.com
and we'll figure out a posting date late jan/early feb that works for everyone....

Hope you all have the Merriest of Christmases
and Happiest of New Years Eves.


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the antler, embellished and re-thought


This is a much discussed topic, 
but I've found some unique antler art that is making me re-think the whole antler thing.

This look has been around a while...

1 2 3 4 

And of course the last few years have brought countless faux versions
 that have been witty and clever, but are fairly common now.
(and there it is, that dirty word - COMMON :)

I do love this branch version!


what if they weren't hanging on a wall?

What if they were separated, embellished in a slightly glam, tribal way,
and used as sculpture?

I found those on Etsy a while back, and can't stop thinking about them...
I can picture a gold and black version lounging atop a pile of art books
 on my future shelving in the family room....
this visualization skill is how I manage to convince myself that I need something :)
do you do that?!!

Anyhow....what do you think?

Would you have one of these in your home?

( BTW - if you're interested in this as a DIY, as I think I am, 
but don't happen to have any extra antlers lying around, 
surprisingly Ebay is a good source for antlers!)

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Novogratz Event at The Foundary

Set your clocks - in a few hours The Foundary will be hosting a special shopping event,
with items hand-picked by the Novogratz duo.

I'm over at The Foundry all the time,
run by Hayneedle, it's a constantly rotating sale of a wide selection of goodies,
and you won't believe some of the deals you can find.
The Novogratz have SLIGHTLY eclectic, unconventional taste, 
so I have a feeling this one is going to be good :)

See you there!

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Tech, design and eye candy :)

A few years ago I had no idea what blogging was all about.
No twitter account, no linked in account, and my Facebook was checked monthly, if at all.

Oh, how life changes!

After three years of refusing to pay huge amounts of cash, I finally got the dot com for 10 Rooms - success!
I was checking each day to see if it became available, and one day, poof - there it was...

I'm going to set up a wordpress site, and am trying to decide if I should move the blog over there, as well.


Do you think an integrated site and blog are more effective?

I think the less clicks to a destination, the better!
Also, a blog format will certainly be easier to update, and add portfolio pics to....

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

In any case, I have today off, and am spending the day learning wordpress - 
which will require a few hours of shopping and be-sparkling of some objects around the house
to decompress, I'm sure....

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yay or nay: vintage lucite chandeliers

Received an email from Pieces over the weekend,
linking over to the newest fab finds on their site,
(oh, how I'd like to go on a shopping spree over there - 
have you seen their burled wood and lucite desk? Love.)
and this chandelier really caught my attention.

It's lucite. Not lucite trying to be crystal or glass, but lucite reveling in being lucite.
Lucite doing things that glass and crystal cannot easily do, massive arcs sweeping in perfect curves...
massive arcs that are lightweight enough to be hung from a standard receptacle.

Want some of this clean-lined glam vibe? Check out 1st Dibs here and here.

What about the classic waterfall or tiered styles?

1 2 3 5 

You can find them on 1st Dibs as well,
 but a quick kijiji search almost always reveals one around here...
and way below budget.
(right now you could pick this one up 15 minutes from my place for $50!)

With all the seventies/eighties swish happening right now, 
is a lucite chandy on your wish list?

Are you feeling the love? Yay or nay?

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what are you wishing for?

Sometimes when I ignore a question or an issue around here D emails it to me...

is that weird?!

It's like, hey, would you PUH-Lease get on this!

So today I received an official request for Christmas gift ideas.

You'd think after 15 years he'd know it's all about art and jewelry!

I sent him back three links. 

and this.

a girl can dream...

what are you wishing for?

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