geometry + kitchen

What happens when you take a gently curving space and apply sharp angles and linear elements?


Not something you usually see in a kitchen.

The tiles remind me of graph paper :) Although this may not be quite my own style, I love the uniqueness of this space, and the purity of the design. Tres chic!

I going full speed on a design for a current client, and the good news is that they have agreed to allow me to post photos! This couple, and their children, relocate almost yearly for work. They have a permanent home, but spend the majority of time living in these "temporary" ones. The frequent moves mean that they are forever trying to settle themselves and their belongings into a new space, and sometimes it becomes a little jumbled. I am going to help them purchase a few new pieces and create a cohesive look throughout their home, without investing too much into a rental space. This design requires some really creative solutions, because it not only needs to work in this home, but they need to be able to adapt it to their next one, as well. By next week I should have some before photos and finalized plans to share with you :)

Have a great day! am x

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Barbara Matson said...

Can't wait to see! i am always inspired to see how other' decorate their rental homes!

lisaroy said...

Interesting kitchen - I don't know if I would tire of that tile though. I can't wait to see - after all of our moves and trying to work within our spaces, I always love to see solutions to similar situations :)

Holly said...

That kitchen is quite something. Like you, it's not my taste but I can appreciate it as well.

Can't wait to see photos of the project!


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