a Queen's summer home

It's Victoria Day in Canada, which celebrate's Queen Victoria's (England) birthday. We view this as the unofficial start of summer round here, and have celebrated all weekend out on the deck with friends, and it got me wondering where the Queen spent her summer days.....

When I think cottage towering pine trees, lakes and cedar lined rooms spring to mind. Muskoka. The Queen, apparently, had designs on something a wee bit grander. Somehow I can't imagine our wet dogs, popsicle-toting children and margarita maker fitting in at The Osborne House!

I actually love this garden area, below. Imagine how wonderful that lavender smells!

venturing inside....

This room, while being madly over-the-top, appeals to my colour loving side. If you could simplify the furnishings, and the lighting, and the details (everything, really !!), 
the way canary yellow is used here is spectacular..

Slightly different from your dream cottage?!!

Hope you are all having a lovely day... we're off for the first boat ride of the season, picnic lunch in tow - x

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lisaroy said...

That's definitely not Muskoka!
I would think that something simpler would be a nice, relaxing change from her usual formality. The grounds are gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

The garden look like a palace I love the surrounding.I Like the Lavender flower.


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