How do You Say Welcome?

A welcome mat is a clue.
A clue to who and what lies beyond that door..

There's the steady iron traditionalist:

home depot

Boho Daisy's for The Optimist:

Aspen Country

Frank Llyod Wright works for The Art and Crafts Buff:

Binary Code for The Techie:

oh yes  - The Newlyweds:

Linear and Functional suits The Industrialist:

Easy and Pretty, The Romantic:


The Fun Flip-Flop Lover:

The Flip-Flop Lovin' Recycler:

The Modernist:

Retro Modern

Gorgeous - The Naturalist:

Pebble Mats

ooh, so upbeat - The Color Lover:

Betcha you guys will like this one - The Creative Type:

Jeni Rodger

oh my, The Cheeky:

 Love This - welcome mats used to create a better living environment by Arts and Architecture Students. The concept was to make the area welcoming to ALL students:

 Dominic Wilcox uses welcome mats to great effect as living room carpet - what do you think?
 The graphic quality of this is fantastic:

What type of door mat do you have?

til next time...

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Unknown said...

I love a good doormat and you have found so many brilliant ones.. oh my!! The flip flops are hilarious :) xx

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Yup, thats my favourite as well!

Re:Design Technologies said...

Me too! I always thought of myself as a modernist with a bit of industrialist thrown in but not so! I'm all for fun loving flip-flops.

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I REALLY need an updated doormat...mine is awful. It's almost like its the last thing you think of UPDATING hehe

Jen Ramos
madebygirl.blogspot.com --


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