Experimenting With Design..

This past fall I officially opened up shop for Home Staging and Color Consultations.
It has been coming for some time now..

I studied the arts, yet never expected to make a living being an artist.
I did spend some time working in a paint store and painting interiors,
 and have long been fascinated by color...


Picture of House Interior Design with Gasl Paint Rainbow Color Choice

House Interior Design Color Choice_4 gasl paint rainbow

Several years ago, after helping some friends choose color schemes for their homes, 
I began to get requests from friends of friends, and so on..
Finally, I realized that I was actually providing Color Consultations to all these people (free of charge!), and that it may be a perfect part time business for me.

Then I took a Home Staging course last year, after helping a Realtor friend prepare some of his listings and thoroughly enjoying it.
The Staging process benefits you not only by aiding in a quick and profitable sale,
 but also by helping you to let go of one chapter of your life and move on to the next one.

Really? The WHOLE HOUSE?!!

As you sort through years of accumulation, 
you really determine what things are of value and what are not:

 Childrens art - boxed up to be moved
300 VHS Tapes - Goodwill
Grandmothers tea cup collection - boxed up to be moved
Pez Collection - Goodwill

We are strange creatures, us humans, stockpiling possessions at random!

Anyhow, this all led to the necessary creation of a website and blog, which led to twitter.. and here we are.. the fantastic people I have met through this process has been an unexpected reward, and I am really enjoying getting to know all of you :)  I won't lie, it's kind of a relief to know that there are other people out there who love these creative pursuits as much as I do, and to meet them!

I made my 10 Rooms site myself on Wix - which is a fabulous solution when you are just beginning to develop an online presence.  It has had many incarnations, but yesterday I tweaked it into it's best form yet - 
and I would love to hear your feedback!  I'm hoping it's fairly user-friendly, asthetically pleasing and somewhat informative.  Maybe you can share your opinions with me? If there's something that isn't quite right or is lacking completely please do tell :)

I'm off to attempt to finish those pesky linen dining room chair slipcovers,
 hope to share a beautiful finished product with you shortly..
have a lovely day!

til next time..

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Karena said...

Hi Anne Marie, so glad to find you as color is my life as well!!

Be sure to enter my latest Giveaway!

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