MOD Singapore Chic

(who get my vote for best design firm name, by the way)
 have designed a The Club Hotel in Singapore. 

The inspiration was Singapore's colonial past, 
which you will find referenced in art and furnishings,
and the Nomadic feel turn-of-the-century Singapore had, 
when a large influx of Chinese immigrants flocked here to send letters back home.

With a strictly limited palette, 
the designers created a lobby and
 22 distinct rooms using varied layouts and art designed by MOD.

This is my favourite room, the screen is so clever - 
mirror on this side and a tv tucked in to the other.


Fantastic bathrooms!

If this harlequin tile doesn't put some 
bounce in your knickers nothing will..

Perfect spot for cocooning..

I want to use this idea, the curved built-in "table", complete with turned leg and trim.

Now this is where I got really interested in this hotel.
You would expect the dining areas to be very graphic,
 and keep to the same palette, right?

Graphic.. but we've added color.. and the energy level has tripled.

Here black becomes grey, while texture and curvy upholstered furnishings
 clearly invite lingering in the lounge..

The Tapas Bar takes it a step further: energetic color, pattern, texture..
that upholstery makes the room.
Wouldn't this be a great spot to spend a night with friends?
Wish it was closer :)

Do you think those cords and tassels bring a waitress/waiter over?
This illuminated sculpture hints at the theme without being tacky.

Up to The Club SkyBar,
where we return to black and white chic..

This is my dream bar..
(and as a former bartender, I'm a wee bit picky!!)

and my dream patio!

That round banquette, oh..
every patio should have one.

Anyone want to go to Singapore?!

til next time..

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Anonymous said...

i love all white rooms ... plus that hot pink couch!



Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

Yup - I'm not usually a fan of hot pink but it really works there!


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