Beach Week Continues.. Modern Beach House: The Gold Coast

Beach week rolls on..
yesterday was the Surf shack.. and today something a bit more plush:

Beach House in paradise.. 
Broadbeach, Australia - just down the way from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.
it's for hire, if any of you have a small fortune to spend on your vacation - LOL!

Stroll down to the jetty for a leisurely fish
this view will do..
Relax in 'the pit' and take in the spectacular views

Seagrass, coir and linen in sandy tones, can you feel your pulse slowing..

Lie and watch the boats go by

the light! loving all that glass..

Contemporary open plan living

I like the simplicity of this space - zero clutter allows the outdoors to remain the focus.
The old timber floor does a fantastic job of warming up the white and stainless.
Do you see the space allotted for wine storage?!
They've got their priorities straight around here!

Stainless galley/eat-in kitchen
If you need to inject a little excitement into your evening -
head out to Surfers paradise and the famous Jupiters Casino.

Monaco Beach House

or invite friends over to drink some of that wine in the garden..

Enter through the Japanese inspired courtyard

another beachy adventure tomorrow ;)

til next time..

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- said...

the last 2 images just made me happy for the rest of the day

Diane said...

I have been look at your site for about a half and hour now... and every time I go to write a comment I see a little square with another area I want to go to.... it all started because of you post on the light fixture that you made ... the one from string and an exercise ball for the form.. great job... great posts.. so happy I found you


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