Finally, A Chic Children's Wallpaper Alternative

An Interview with : Victoria Cramsie of Paper Boy Wallpaper

After meeting Victoria Cramsie on twitter, I went to her site and was delighted by what I found:
chic wallpapers for kids.

An oxymoron you say?
Have a look, and tell me what you think..

no dodgy sports or princess themes here..
instead, an edgy animal themed paper with glossy skeletons amping up the cool factor.

She tries on dinosaurs, and comes up with a version that's more Andy Warhol than Sesame Street:

I asked Victoria if she would mind answering a few questions for the blog, and she graciously obliged..

10: You have created these papers from hand-drawn images - do you have a back ground in design or art?

VC: No, I don't have a background in design/art.  But I have always had a love of fabrics and wallpaper.  I think we are all able to draw and compose a design.  I work with some really fantastic technicians - Robert who prints my wallpaper and Lousie Hatley who prints my fabric.  It's really important to have found the right people to work with.

10: Paperboy was inspired by yours sons, Rory and Archie.  Which patterns have they chosen for their rooms?

VC: Rory and Archie can't seem to make up their minds as to what they would like in their rooms.  Each time they see a new color-way or me drawing a new design they are 'sure' that that is the one they want.  I am just waiting for them to settle firmly on one before committing to it.

10: What is your favourite color combination in a boys room?

VC: I love silver and purple as a combination for  boys rooms - can you tell from the wallpapers and fabric I have.. I think it suits us all, them and me, to have such sparkly color-ways.

10: What has been your best moment on your Paperboy journey?

VC: My best moment was seeing the first roll of wall paper.  I cried.  There have been lots of moments like that in the past year.  The first order. The first fabric print.  The first cushion.. endless tears...

10: What's next for Paperboy?

VC: What's next.. to get this first collection fully pulled together with wallpaper and fabric sample books.  And then move onto the new designs.  which are all done (in my head) but just need to get into production.  It will be much quicker and simpler he second time.  Perhaps a few less tears of joy, but probably a few less tears of frustration, too.

Fantastic woman, right?
When someone pours their heart and soul into a project it really shows.
Thank you so much, Victoria, for taking the time to answer my questions - hope that you enjoy continued success with PaperBoy.

The paper above, called "Hand Made", is my favourite..
high contrast color and silhouettes make for a paper that's imaginative and not at all cutesy.

I will be watching for the next patterns.. won't you?

til next time..

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Unknown said...

Great idea by Victoria....great interview....and thanks for highlighting these fantastic boys wallpapers which are hard to find.

Mary said...

I'm a big kid who wants some of that wallpaper! Great find.

Sarah said...

That hand shadow version is so cool!!

Anne-Marie @ 10 Rooms said...

I admit it. I want some of that paper for me, as well :)

Wallpapers said...

Finally chic children's wallpaper is given useful post. Good post


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