Discovered: Hudson Goods

The Hudson Goods motto is Build It and They Will Come.

I love the salvage chic aesthetic - a warm industrial feel..
just one or pieces add an edge to your home, amping up the cool factor.

Steel and Wood Cabinet

An online shop, they only ship within the US 
but are willing to make some exceptions if you email them..

Industrial Console Table
I have been on the hunt for a dining table for a while now.
This one is wonderful - graceful without being precious..
Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

add a few of these quatrefoil stools for an instant update..
Reclaimed Wood Stool

LOVE this lighting - love, love, love..

Industrial Wood Light Bulb

fantastic one-offs and vintage finds..

Wire BasketsFaucet Soap Dish

Looks like it's time to negotiate some shipping to Canada :)

til next time..

***Update** Hudson Goods founder Karl Miller sent me quick note to let me know that they do make some shipping exceptions into Canada..yay!
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Kerry said...

Oooh thanks for sharing Anne-Marie! All of these pieces are awesome. I'm going to have to go and check out all of their eye candy myself! :)

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bella alice said...

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