A Friday AND Shopping - Life is Good!

It's Friday, and I'm
spending today shopping with a client...
lighting, art, and fabrics.

We are bringing in some color (red) to an arts and crafts style home.

Days like this I love my job :)

Have read so many great posts this week,
(you ladies are TAL-ent-ted!!)
tomorrow I'm going to begin a new weekly, 
each post giving credit where it is due!

What are you all up to today?
Any projects planned for the weekend?

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Unknown said...

First up, I LOOOOVEEE the new header filler- like really really love- the colours are gorgeous. Secondly, I'm jealous- a dream day indeed and to get paid for it, even better. Have a great time- can't wait to see/hear about what you find.

The enchanted home said...

Your new header is soo pretty! Love it. Enjoy your shopping day...fun!

laxsupermom said...

Spending this weekend painting, which means lots of cutting in and scaffolding. Yuck. But then I get to hang a project I've been working on all week, so it'll be worth it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and this pic---

Sakura Emme Fashion Blog

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Some days are just awesome, aren't they? Enjoy your client shopping. Retail therapy on someone else's dime!

Unknown said...

Oh my, LOVE your header up there! Hope you had a wonderful week.. and now... the weekend! Have a relaxed one Anne Marie!

Abby M. Interiors said...

Like everyone else-- I love your new header!! Sounds like the ideal day to me. I hope you enjoyed it and maybe we can see the finished room?!

I'm just packing this weekend and picking up a new table I bought for the house. xo, abby

Francesca said...

I just re-did my parents home office! inspired by that blue you used! I LOVE. I did one wall the blue behr paint and the others tan. OBVIOUSLY I wish that you could have designed it with your awesome talent! haha your amazing love your work! have a great weekend
xo, francesca

Maddalena said...



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