Katy Perry va-va-voom

Last night Tash and I joined another Mum and daughter for the Katy Perry concert in TO.

I was expecting it to be a whirlwind of costume changes, 
and a bit outlandish, but..

it was one of the best concerts I've been to!

Of course, he best part was that Katy Perry can sing.
REALLY sing.

The show aspect was original, 
based around a whimsical tale about a fictional Katy's adventure in candyland
 (or sugarville, or something along those lines!)

Her costumes were fantastical,
she is such a beautiful woman that the audience really couldn't take their eyes off her.

But the absolute best part -
discovering Katy Perry has a wicked sense of humor.
Her wit, enthusiasm, and charm
had completely won us over by the closing song, "firework".

Click the pic to see her in all her karaoke glory, lol.

(that's how you do it, Rebecca Black!)

Katy and her husband have just bought a new home....
and I'm really thinking that the interior is going to have to undergo a huge redo 
to keep up with this blue-haited whirlwind.

She floated around on a cotton candy cloud...
wore cupcakes as a top...
her microphone is bedazzled.

Katy Perry isn't exactly a brown kinda gal!

With such a traditional shell,
how to bridge the gap between the architecture and the people?

I'm thinking Miles Redd may be just the man for the job...

just add a few sparkles :)

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How floors can give your room new life

With our lives becoming busier and busier, quite often my clients prefer the serenity of neutral walls.
 But add neutral walls to neutral furnishings and your room
can begin to resemble the local furniture showroom.

How to add some interest?

Boldy patterned/colored area rugs offer up a perfect solution.

This dining room is one of my all-time favourites,
comfortable and welcoming, a tough of whimsy, nothing too precious -
a place to relax and spend an evening.

traditional carpets add a more subtle layer of pattern...

but the overdyed versions are spectacular!

bold florals and patterns working their magic

Stripes: one of a designer's secret weapons!
Stripes lead the eye wherever you like -
on the floor they are great for adding width to a narrow space, or defining a focal point.

I even like a spot of plush outdoors, although this would never survive our climate.

What if you like the look but don't have room in the budget, or don't want to make a major investment because of kids, dogs, etc...?

Carissa of The Fabulous Design File has a fab diy addressing this.

She painted a regular carpet - 
something I've just recommended to another client who needs some pattern on the floor,
but has a large dog and has to replace carpeting fairly frequently.

images via:top 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

I'm going to attempt this for my own office -
(show you when I'm done)
where two chocolate labs are always lounging at my feet :)

what about you?

Would you use a bold carpet?

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the weekend: finds and a purge

have been wanting one of these tripod floor lamps forever.....

retail price: $ 500.00
down the street price: $5.00

I love yard sales :)

Today we are tackling the playroom,
which has morphed from this

to this.

The darlings won't even go in to this black hole of chaos any more.
Don't they look thrilled to bits to be in here, sorting?!!

We've finally reached the point where they are over 
barbies, transformers, bratz dolls, bakugons, littlest pet shop, hot wheels, etc...

It's time for a bit of a purge.

By the end of the weekend they will both have one rubbermaid bin filled with their faves,
and the rest is being given away.

It's a little bittersweet, because they are growing up,
but more sweet than bitter :)

What are you up to?

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all I need is love... and these :)

couldn't have said it better myself...

 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14

a garden, a library, and people to enjoy them with - 
hope you have all three today - x

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gorgeousness for your iPhone

found this over at Poppytalk and had to share -

whose work is going to be shown at the Gallery Hanahou this fall.

can't get enough of delicate watercolors these days... xx

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Crushing On Color: Sarah from Flourish

It's Crushing on Color time, ladies - yay!

I promised you a fabulous post from a fabulous blogger and here it is - 
Sarah from Flourish Design + Style
has graciously agreed to share her current color inspiration with us....

flourish design + style

It's been some time since being asked "what's your favorite color? " 
The first that came to mind was white. 
Creamy white and true white and any shade in between. 
Crisp cottons and wrinkled linens. But maybe that's just because I'm thinking summer. 
What about a creamy white with a pale grey undertone? 
Now I'm thinking about interior walls and woven blankets. 
Top it off with some injections of crisp blue, and there it is! 
My color crush! 

What I'm loving right now...blue.

The awe inducing Smythe blazers bring a fashionable edge to the simplest of outfits-

I think of bright royals, worn chambray and crisp denim. 
My go to shorts this summer are a short, cuffed tailored pair of soft denim that tie with a bow. 
There's nothing that doesn't look great with these shorts.

These images from Style at Home show a lovely blue,
and just how to mix it in to a neutral interior. 
It appears traditional with some spunk, tailored and crisp. 
It evokes a feeling ( for me ) of clean, crisp and fresh.

So thanks Anne-Marie for asking the age old question, 
the answer to which changed almost daily as a child, 
and to which I can answer now as blue.

Sarah, x

Thanks so much, Sarah!

I thought we may have a white post there for a moment!

Blue in all it's glory will always be near and dear to my heart -
it's such a versatile hue - 
ranging from energetic (cobalt)
to stately (navy)
to perfectly restful (pale tints)
and more...
how could anyone resist it in some form or another?

Be sure to pop over to the ever-charming Sarah's blog,
it's filled with gorgeous inspiration daily,
always very tasteful and ultra-chic,
and sometimes you get a glimpse of her gorgeous home
(which I"d love to see more of - hint hint!!)

Feeling very ambitious this morning, lol...
hoping to finish restoring the desk today, in between consultations...
it's our fourth date - next time I post about refinishing something antique 
please just tell me to give it a gorgeous coat of paint and let it be :)


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Happy Father's Day

Cheers to all the Dad's out there.

Whether they are still with us or not, 
their hugs and words will always be.

Love you, D.


Looking forward to a day on the boat with D and the kids.
a picnic lunch, some exploring,
 and the boys will fish while the girls and I read or do some drawing...
summer is bliss!

Hope you all spend the day doing something you love with those you love....

(pop by tomorrow - another super-talented blogger will be guest posting
 and will reveal her favourite color in our Crushing on Color series...) 

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yay or nay: turtle shells

I love Bunny Williams.

Like, L O V E.
She's up there with Murial Brandolini, Kelly Wearstler and Suzanne Dimma...

 This one vignette from her Dominican Republic home haunts me...

Now that's a beach house!

I want those leopard chairs.
I love the size and presence of the mirror, 
perfectly juxtaposed with the delicate side chair.

but most of all, it's that giant turtle shell I think about...

tortoiseshell is one of my all-time faves for fashion
(this springs latest sunglasses and watch purchase speak for themselves, and I'm eyeing that bracelet..)

but while I appreciate the patina and sculptural beauty of actual shells -
 do they veer too closely to the creepy world of taxidermy?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 

What do you all think?

yay or nay?

(and ps. if you are a yay, you can buy one here or here)

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Are you on pinterest yet?

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly pulling images from around the net
 and trying to sort them into folders in iphoto...
some are for future posts,
but most get filed to the darkest corners of the computer and forgotten.

Enter pinterest.

Along with being able to pin the things that tickle the eyes
you get to browse through other peoples collections, 
and there is SO much inspiration!

1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

and I'm loving having somewhere to stash all the art I'm craving in one spot!

 see you there - x

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Pinstriping in the Kitchen

it's all in the details...

I love how pinstriped walls and black uppers pick up on the stove detail in these kitchens.

(I expect we'll be hearing more about him shortly -
 he's the chosen designer of the Kardashians :)

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Box Braid Leather Bracelet DIY

found these on the blog of one of my new favourite artists, Nicole Cohen - Sketch 42.

Her paintings are a celebration of hue,
so no surprise she's adorning her wrists with these luscious things:

it's quite a simple DIY, and since we have heaps of leather cord (don't know why!)
the darlings and I are going to work some up this rainy afternoon - 
thought you may like to, as well - x

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