it's glitteriffic...

This year I'm all about sparkle...
and the way to my heart is through glitter!
(I've even glittered up the blog header, it's a madness)

Since I've bought about ten kinds of glitter at the craft stores recently,
 and went looking for some clever ways to use it.

So here's a collection of amazing glitteriffic holiday DIY's....

first off, just in case you want to go organic, glitter made from salt.
Not sure how this would do when mixed with liquids, but maybe spray adhesive?

How about skipping the tired old bows and wrapping your presents up 

Serve champange in these sparkly flutes (wouldn't they be cute done up with 2012 for New Years?)
pack some pretty flatware for a winter picnic,
or elevate cupcakes to new heights with this charming, simple DIY cake stand.

Add bits of shimmering art, hang some chichi lanterns (you can also buy them, here),
add a scalloped border (these are from Etsy, but so cute - why make them?) 
or some sparkly love to your mantle...

Glitter in pinks, 
glitter in blues,
glitter on fingers, bags and shoes....

Small hits of glitter might just make me happy every day of the year.
how about magnets or tacks at your desk, or a

Who's going to the store to buy glitter?!!!

If you are, a little tip I picked up along the way...
to prevent glitter from getting EVERYWHERE (unless you want it that way, in which case, go crazy :)
mix the glitter with the glue/paint/etc PRiOR to adhering it to whatever surface your shushing up -
 a LOT less messy and it stays put after.

Happy last day of November, darlings - x

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so, uh, what do you know about bake sales?

Have I mentioned how much Miss N loves to bake?

This summer, a friend of her would pop over every few days and they would experiment in the kitchen...
it started out with me being called in every few minutes to answer a question,
but now she can whip up a batch of cookies or cupcakes without any help, 
and I'm pretty impressed with the results!

So when the two of them decided they would like to hold a bake sale before Christmas,
and donate the proceeds to the food bank,
I was all for it.

A few other friends have decided to join in,
and so we're making four recipes here
(as a start) and they are each planning on bringing some extras.

This weekend we made a practice batch of The Worlds Best Sugar Cookies

and I thought maybe I'd share this recipe with you (it's printable!).

These are the simplest and most yummy cookies you'll make.

We add candy corn on top for Hallowe’en, conversation hearts for Valentines...
for the bake sale, we will make green and red and add a Christmas hersheys kiss to each. 

Of course, now my head is spinning with ideas for presentation and so on...

Thoughts? Suggestions?

I'm thinking red tablecloths, white paper snowflakes (which the girls can make)
and some candy cane decorations.
How to package everything?
Cupcakes in drinking cups? Have you seen this?

We'll be making another type of ball cookie, snowman cupcakes, and chocolate dipped oreo's...
one of the girls is bringing brownies, and another banana bread, 
and another a gingerbread house to be raffled off.

I may make a few pies if there is time :)

Here's where I need your help -
we're trying to figure out price points... how much does a cupcake go for these days?!!
obviously we want to raise as much money for the food bank as we can....
I'm thinking we'll package everything to be sold for either one dollar or five dollars,
 and have two tables, one for each.

What do you think?

(I'll show you the other cookie recipe geek week - it's a drop cookie, but gingerbread!
Just as easy and just as delicious!)


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destination friday: Veuve Clicquot Hotel

What are fridays for, if not for grabbing a bag and heading out on an adventure?

a destination friday post is long overdue....
and so...

Although it's technically a hotel,
The invitation-only Veuve Clicqout guesthouse is not a place many of us will ever set foot in.

More than decoration, more than architecture...
it's an attitude, an atmosphere...sultry, chic and very adult.

But what would you expect from the creators of one of the greatest Champagnes of our time?

the sparkle, who would have ever thought to use mirror like this? genius.

and that staircase....

more mirror, herringbone floors....

whats a party without crystal?

serenity reigns in the boudoir...


the cellars below, imagine the champagne.....


Another one for the travel wish list...

found via The Diversion Project - thank you for introducing me to this gem, Jules!!

happy friday, friends - hope you are heading into a long, relaxing weekend...
we're starting early with a lunch with friends today - x

(oh yes, and my black friday post can be found here - I was a week early!
This is what happens when I try to schedule posts ahead of time, lol...)

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gather round and give thanks...

 Tomorrow is Thanksgiving for all of you south of here,
and so a table setting with just the right amount of rustic and sparkle...

I particularly like the idea of wrapping glass cylinder vases with birch bark....
lots of impact, but doable, right?

(found via the ever-fabulous Will of Bright Bazaar,
head over there for more details and a few words from the stylist that created this beauty)

Since I won't be posting tomorrow, Happy Thanksgiving, all - 
hope you spend the day surrounded by those you love - x

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have at it: ottoman vs. coffee table

think the pendulum may be starting to swing...

 lets' take a vote-


fantastic to put your feet up on...
but drinks balance precariously atop a tray...
can be very bulky, visually.

Coffee Tables.

shins and toes beg to be bruised every time you venture round...
but that stack of books and little pot of flowers look so, so pretty :)

or do we just want it all?!

(such a silly question :)

source 1 2 3 4 5 
 1 2 3 4 5 6 
1 2 3 4

Which one would grace your dream living room?

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an homage to Black Friday

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Artist: Kim Davies

If you've ever left a comment here, 
you know that "they are my favourite part of blogging"...
that's what it's all about right? 

Sometimes it's hard to hear what others have to say,
but I'd rather hear the bad with the good than hear nothing at all.

Most days :)

So when someone new drops by I try to go by their blog
 to see what wee bit of wonderful is happening over there.. 

Last week Kim Davies left a note about the post, Setting Your walls Free.
She mentioned being an artist, so naturally I went straight over to her blog, Inspired Lines,
(nothing better than procrastinating over art, is there?)
which led to her gallery....
and you are going to be glad I did!

How about this....

and this....

 and this....

and if the eye candy isn't enough to draw you in,
the day I passed through she had posted an online tutorial about line drawing - 
how generous is that?

I've actually never seen an artist offering up the technical bits of their brilliance before. Ever.
Immersed in all this brilliance, I couldn't help myself..
I bought these two drawings (originals!)
and a print of Lip Service...

She also has a giveaway going on....

I'm sure you've all left by now, but if not, hope you have a splendoriffic thursday - x

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