thank you

I've been given a few blog awards lately,
and haven't said thank you properly....

For me, blogging is all about getting to know other crazy, creative types...
those people who understand that although I've found 35 different beaded empire chandeliers,
none of them are quite right for my dining room :)
You just get it.

And so I want to thank these lovelies for honouring me with an award:

You guys are peaches :)

I did a post way back when listing the things you may not know about me....
and since the blog was so new, 
most of you probably haven't read it :)

So if you want to know the strangest place I've ever lived, whether I ride motorcycles, or drink tea :)

I'm meeting with a client today to begin the process of re-working her entire home....
such a luxury to be able to go in a whole new direction...

what are you all up to?

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